Why is Cyprus better known?

Cyprus, Greek Kípros, Turkish Kıbrıs, an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea known since ancient times for its mineral wealth, its superb wines and produce, and its natural beauty, 2 days ago. Looking at a picture of the Cypriot country from the sky, you can see that the island is quite small (the third largest in the Mediterranean Sea), arid and has a pointed tail to its northeast. Known as the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite - goddess of love and beauty - Cyprus has many interesting things to do and see, having been populated and influenced by Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Arabs, French, Italians, Ottomans and British (which ultimately left most of the Cypriot population speaking pretty good English as well as Greek and Turkish). During the summer, most Cypriots, as well as foreigners, visit Ayia Napa at least once a year.

The Paphos Archaeological Museum documents human activity in Western Cyprus from the Neolithic period to the 18th century. Regardless of which town you are in, you'll find that at least one of Cyprus' most beautiful beaches is nearby, as they are spread fairly evenly across the country. Cyprus is a great diving destination, where divers can enjoy wrecks, reefs, tunnels and caves. However, since Nicosia airport has been abandoned; if you want to fly to Cyprus today, you can use Ercan airport for northern Cyprus or Larnaca and Paphos airports in southern Cyprus.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and its beaches are absolutely stunning. After the division of Cyprus, the Turkish side was left with the grain, citrus and tobacco fields and the Greek side with most of the fruit, livestock, vegetable fields and vineyards. When a traveller visited Cyprus in 1806, he described the Tombs of the Kings as follows: 'Some of these buildings give the impression of palaces, with courtyards, aisles, columns, pilasters and every conceivable architectural feature, all carved out of the natural rock'. This is the most important mountain range in Cyprus, covering most of the west and part of the south of the island and accounting for almost half of the island's surface area.

Furthermore, the country is divided into six districts (Kyrenia, Famagusta, Nicosia, Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca), two of which overlap with the Buffer Zone, making the political geography of Cyprus even more complicated. I have also talked about Cyprus' beaches in my other article, "Why Cyprus is a good holiday destination". But did you know that the name Copper, whose Latin name is "Cuprum and also called "Cyprum" literally means "From the island of Cyprus? The beautiful beaches, wild festivals and delicious cuisine are only a small part of the interesting things Cyprus has to offer. The island country of Cyprus is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, off the coasts of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon in the Middle East.

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