why does Cyprus drive on the left?

And the second two, like Cyprus, were ruled by the UK, the world's last settlers, when motor cars took to the streets a century ago. There is no "right" or "wrong" side to driving, just different traditions and a lot of history, if you bother to read it. That means you can't change gear with your left hand, an added ordeal that makes left-side driving an even more nerve-wracking test of nerves and attention. The country is sensible and drives on the right, but it has some 100,000 Brits who may have come straight from its "wrong side of the road islands", as well as tens of thousands of Indian drivers, who picked up the bad habit from the UK.

The UK made the left-side driving rule official in 1835 and carried the policy to its respective colonies. The horn should only be used when deemed necessary for drivers to warn other road users of their presence on the road. For Americans, and most Europeans, including Russians (and there are many Russians in Cyprus), driving here is a mental burden. This site has been created to help people who want to come to Cyprus or want to know more about this country.

Cyprus is one of the four countries in Europe where the driver drives on the right and the car in the left lane. So far in Cyprus, despite having driven hundreds of kilometres, I have managed to avoid being part of an atrocious accident. The driving of a vehicle on a motorway by a person holding a learner's licence is not permitted, except for training purposes and provided it is guided by a licensed driving instructor, or for the purposes of an examination for a full driving licence. If you do not pay attention at all times, you risk driving on a small road on the wrong (right) side.

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