do they speak english in cyprus?

On average, Cypriots speak 1.2 foreign languages. According to Eurobarometer, 76 Cypriots speak English, 12 speak French and 5 speak German. It is true that Cypriots are fluent in English, but they are also very respectful of tourists who try to learn at least a few words of Greek. English received official language status in Cyprus in 1878-1925, during the long process of annexation of the island by Britain.

On the other hand, due to the massive migration of Russian-speaking people to the island, Cypriots started to study the Russian language. Whether in shops, shopping centres, markets, restaurants or even in small areas, you'll always find people communicating in English. A great advantage for Russian-speaking tourists in Cyprus is the fact that they do not need to know Greek, Turkish or even English to feel comfortable on the island. Most Cypriots are fluent in English, except for those who live in remote villages.

First there was the Cypriot-Arcadian dialect of Ancient Greek, and then, in late antiquity, Cypriots began to speak Classical Attic Greek instead of their local dialect. In addition, there is a large Russian-speaking diaspora in Cyprus, whose members do business on the island and raise their children. According to various estimates, the Russian-speaking population of Cyprus is about 50,000. The inhabitants of Cyprus were forced to learn English, and many Britons resettled on the island, whose descendants continue to live here in safety.

English is spoken by service and tourism sector staff, such as waiters, shop assistants and hotel receptionists. Greek Cypriots speak Greek in a strong dialect, but standard modern Greek is used for official purposes, commercial sectors and public administration.

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