cyprus what to visit?

Ayios Lazaros (Church of St Lazarus). Natural beauty can be found all over Cyprus, but if you want to really immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world, the Polemidia National Forest Park is the place to do it. Nestled in the east of Cyprus, Protaras is one of the larger towns with a multitude of hotels and restaurants along the coast. Discover the 11th century churches, buy handicrafts as souvenirs, or stop by one of the hidden Greek tavernas serving some of Cyprus' most traditional food.

This tiny but perfectly formed castle, located just outside Limassol, is a former Crusader fortress and a reminder of Cyprus' importance to Europeans during the Holy Land Crusades. Most travellers exploring Cyprus settle in one of the larger towns, then take day trips to see the rest of the country, as the well-connected and maintained roads make it easy to explore the southern part. Other beautiful beaches can be found around Paphos, such as Alykes, popular with families thanks to its amenities, Kissonerga Bay for those seeking more solitude, or Coral Bay, undoubtedly one of the most popular in Cyprus thanks to its crystal clear waters and sheltered location. Surrounded by rolling hills filled with vineyards, Omodos is part of Cyprus' most famous wine region, which still retains a fairly traditional approach to winemaking.

For example, if you arrive at Ercan airport, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus (the south) considers you to have entered Cyprus via an illegal port. Visit the Ecclesiastical Treasure Museum, located in the heart of the town, which houses an impressive collection of Orthodox artefacts, or the Museum of Struggle, which displays the trials and tribulations of the Cyprus independence movement. However, if this is your first time in Cyprus, don't think that your trip has to be limited to sun, sea and sand. The Avakas Gorge is one of the best places in Cyprus to see some of the island's most unspoilt natural scenery.

The region of Lefkara (and the village), probably one of the most famous areas for lace making in Cyprus, is one of the best places in Cyprus to spend a relaxing afternoon. Some of the best beaches in Cyprus are located near Ayia Napa, situated in the southeast of the peninsula. Another of the best places to visit in Cyprus is the sprawling city of Limassol, which is also a handy base for exploring the country. As well as fragrant junipers and wild buckthorn bushes, hikers can see the rare centaurea akamantis, a flower found only in Cyprus.

Nissi beach is the most famous stretch of sand in Cyprus, a strip of white sand that flows into the turquoise sea of Agia Napa.

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