can a cypriot citizen work in switzerland?

Due to aggressive interventions by Giorgos Perdikis of the Cyprus Green Party calling for transparency, the figures have been published. Transparency International criticised Cyprus for carrying out a secret programme without disclosing the figures. What is also new is that the due diligence procedure will be carried out directly by the Cypriot authorities and no longer by local agencies. If the issuance of the passport is postponed, one can already live in Cyprus until the more severe due diligence procedure for Citizenship by Investment is carried out.

In the last 2 weeks, Brussels wants the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment programme to be clamped down. The NGO Transparency International accused the Cyprus authorities of having created a serious security risk for Europe. As a non-EU citizen, it is almost impossible to obtain a residence permit in Switzerland and move there. Moreover, the Cypriot passport is one of the fastest in the world and guarantees visa-free access to 157 countries.

EU politicians criticised the Cyprus government for having aggressively promoted the controversial Citizenship by Investment programme, in which criminals were hired with corruption money. Granting residency or citizenship has always been an honourable tradition since the time of the Roman Empire. The Swiss residence permit is a little-known advantage of the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

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